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iWatch helps improve database performance through accurate, real-time measurements of every SQL request -- without the use of polling or other intrusive methods that might interfere with the performance or stability of your most critical databases.
With its non-intrusive approach, iWatch deploys easily, operates 24x7, and scales to handle such no-excuses installations as financial trading systems.
For every SQL request, for every user and application, and for every database instance that it monitors, iWatch delivers a complete performance record -- with scores of useful measurements, plus detailed histories & summaries, to help you with diagnostics and to pinpoint the highest-value targets for optimization and tuning.
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Available for IBM Informix, IBM Db2 LUW, IBM Db2 z/OS with DDF, SAP ASE, Microsoft SQL Server, SAP IQ, PostgreSQL and MongoDB
iReplay helps you assess the impact of a proposed database change by allowing you to test this change against your actual production workload -- all while in your test environment.
Multi-day workloads can be captured and re-created with a high degree of fidelity to the original, including full concurrency, all sessions & data types, accurate sequence & timing, and true enterprise scale.
This approach means that important changes such as version upgrades, platform migrations, fix pack updates, setting changes & more can now be readily measured & compared, and their impact evaluated, prior to deploying any of these changes into production, thereby reducing enterprise risk.
Through the use of iReplay, IT organizations can expect to accelerate testing cycles, reduce the risk of unplanned outages, and improve database performance while lowering the overall cost of operations.
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Available for IBM Informix, IBM Db2 LUW, IBM Db2 z/OS with DDF and SAP ASE