About Exact Solutions

The SQL Performance Experts

Exact Solutions is a privately-held software company headquartered in New York City. Founded in 1998, our customer list today includes some of the world's best-known companies.

Our expertise lies in the areas of network-packet-based SQL monitoring, query performance measurement, and script-less performance/load testing for high volume, business-critical database environments. Our product families are iWatch and iReplay.

Enter iWatch

Exact got its start back in 1998 when a major Wall Street bank told us that they were forced to “fly blind” as far as monitoring their NASDAQ trading desk databases –- because all the tools out there at the time either could not keep up with their transaction volumes, or were adding dangerous overhead to their systems. So we built iWatch, the world’s first non-intrusive query monitoring tool -– and targeted it specifically towards companies with high-transaction, performance-sensitive databases which required 24x7 real-time monitoring, but where any overhead added by the monitoring tool was unacceptable.

iWatch helped our early customers to safely identify and isolate bottlenecks, improve database performance, and streamline troubleshooting –- which in turn helped avoid costly service disruptions and improve end-user satisfaction. iWatch’s reputation grew throughout Wall Street by word of mouth, and DBAs would take it from one employer to another. This resulted in iWatch quickly becoming the best-of-breed standard for SQL query monitoring in Wall Street, and by 2004 we counted much of Wall Street, including the five largest investment banks, amongst our customers.

We continue to add new capabilities to iWatch, as well as extend support to additional databases; and our product roadmap is very exciting. Today, iWatch is used by prominent organizations across several sectors, including Banking & Financial Services, Retail, Transportation, Online Gaming, Education, and Government.

We launch iReplay

We launched iReplay in 2008 to help companies conduct real-world performance and load testing on their databases. iReplay was the first practical “DVR for your database” –- it records your complete production workload, and then replays it in a test environment. This is not a simulation or approximation of your production workload –- this is your *actual* production workload, captured and recreated (at full original scale, with all the queries, sessions, timing/pacing, and concurrency).

iReplay rapidly became a compelling alternative to traditional load testing tools, which relied on workload simulations -– essentially, tools that require you to write scripts that spawn artificial workloads (which generally cannot accurately mimic the full complexity and timing of a real-world production workload).

iReplay has a key role in risk-mitigation efforts for migration projects -- because it provides a direct, empirical measurement of the behavior of the existing database workload in the new environment. As a result of testing with iReplay, the impact of proposed database or infrastructure changes can be assessed more quickly; iReplay allows you to judge and calibrate these changes without exposing your business operations to unnecessary risk or costly rollbacks.

While iReplay has typically been used as a testing tool during database version upgrades and/or migrations of the underlying OS/hardware platforms, a very interesting recent use case has been for troubleshooting complex production issues. This involves using iReplay to non-intrusively capture the entire production workload (which would include the time when the problem occurs) and then repeatedly recreating that workload in a test environment for diagnosis and subsequent patch testing.

Looking to the future

Today, Exact Solutions is a recognized leader in the SQL performance space, and we continue to innovate by working on unique and cutting edge solutions that help our customers stay ahead of the curve and gain real-world advantage.

Thank you for your interest in Exact. We encourage you to contact us to learn more about the company and our products.