Exact to Add Informix Support to Database Replay, SQL Monitoring Solutions

Latest addition to iReplay™ testing solution allows IBM’s Informix database users to re-create full-scale production workloads.

Exact Solutions today announced plans to add support for IBM’s Informix Data Server to two key software products: iReplay, the database workload capture & replay solution; and iWatch, the company’s well-known SQL monitoring solution. The company will be demonstrating both products at IBM’s Information on Demand 2008 Conference this week in Las Vegas.

According to Exact’s CEO Hardev Dhindsa, iReplay helps companies shorten testing cycles and reduce the risk associated with changes to their critical database environments, by allowing them to validate changes against accurate, full-scale reproductions of production workloads. This approach is strikingly different from traditional testing protocols, which rely instead on artificially simulated workloads.

Unlike load simulators, iReplay begins with a non-intrusive, live capture of an entire production workload, so there is no need to spend weeks or months developing simulated scripts. Captured workloads are pre-processed prior to replay in accordance with specific test objectives, and replayed with the same levels of concurrency & contention found in the original. For comparison reporting, iReplay also generates detailed SQL-level performance for source and test runs, using the same technology found in the company’s iWatch SQL monitor.

Mr. Dhindsa notes that iReplay also makes possible applications that would be beyond the reach of any load simulator. For example, iReplay can re-create specific bottlenecks or performance problems precisely as they occurred in the production environment, allowing an organization to test and re-test possible solutions before applying the changes to production.

iReplay for Informix begins shipping during Q1 2009; beta versions of iWatch for Informix will begin shipping during November 2008. iReplay is available today for Sybase, Oracle, and DB2, and planned for Q1 09 for Microsoft SQL Server. iWatch is available now for Oracle, DB2, Sybase, and SQL Server.

Exact Solutions, Inc – http://www.exact-solutions.com – is a privately held software firm with focused specialization in SQL capture & performance measurement. The company’s best-known product, iWatch™, is deployed as a standard for query-level performance monitoring by leading financial firms and global enterprises. Founded in 1998, the company is headquartered in New York City, and operates a development lab and support center in Mumbai, India.