Who needs iReplay™

IT Management

To maintain their competitive advantage, organizations are constantly updating their technology infrastructures. The challenge, of course, is keeping up with the pace of change, while ensuring that changes do not result in disruptive failures or unexpected interactions with critical applications. When the changes are occurring in critical databases, even small changes can have unpredictable results. To reduce these risks, organizations spend enormous amounts of time and money testing changes under controlled conditions before certifying the changes for use in production. Unfortunately, even extensive testing with traditional scripting tools cannot guarantee that the changes will be safe in production. All too often, because of the gap between scripted simulations and real-world production loads, weaknesses can go undetected until the change is in full production. For the first time, iReplay provides the mechanism to re-create your actual production workload, accurately sequenced, with all of the complexity and concurrency of real traffic. The result is that testing cycles can be reduced from weeks or months to days, while substantially reducing the risk of unwanted surprises. By the same token, organizations can measure with unprecedented accuracy the benefits of proposed infrastructure changes.

Database Engineering Teams

Groups involved in User Acceptance Testing, Release Certification, Re-architecting or re-platforming efforts will see the benefits of iReplay immediately. The behavior of even the smallest changes -- such as a routine patch or change to index space -- can be reliably measured. Large and representative replicas of a production run -- up to a full day or more, depending on disk space -- can be tested and re-tested, allowing engineering teams to reliably optimize their database structure. Database migrations, such as SAP ASE 15.x to 16.x, IBM Informix 11.x to 12.x, or even OS or platform changes (Solaris to Linux, RISC to x86, RHEL 5x to RHEL 6x, etc) , can be reliably tested with full concurrency on the basis of your existing Production Workload.


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