Flexible Deployment

iWatch can be tailored to meet the needs of virtually any enterprise, from small organizations with only one or a handful of critical data servers, to global enterprises with high transaction-rate environments and hundreds or thousands of data servers.

An iWatch installation will consist of one or more iWatch servers, plus one or more iWatch clients. The iWatch server, as outlined in the chart below, can be installed directly on the monitored database host, or on a separate host elsewhere in the same subnet. The iWatch client can be installed on any Windows workstation.

iWatch on Separate Host

iWatch can also be installed on a separate host, through
the use of a SPAN port or network tap. In this type of
installation, CPU overhead is effectively zero.

iWatch on DB Host

When iWatch is installed directly on the database host,
CPU overhead is a scant 1-2%, and there is no need for
network configuration changes.

For larger installations, a Web-based Enterprise console is available, simplifying the administration & monitoring of large populations of iWatch-monitored data servers, and permitting browser-based access to iWatch performance data.

The table below outlines options for iWatch server deployment.

Deployment Type Comments
Host based Simple & scalable, the most common type of deployment. iWatch server resides locally on the monitored host, no network configuration required. Minimal overhead, 1-2%.
Host based, with local loopback Same as above, but with an optional utility that permits iWatch to monitor TCP/IP traffic that remains within the local host. Recommended whenever local processes interact with the monitored database, or when iWatch data is also being used for audit & compliance applications.
Network-based deployment (customer hardware) iWatch can be installed on a separate host on the same subnet as your monitored database host. Desirable when load conditions or other operational considerations prevent direct deployment on the database host. Must be configured on a SPAN port or network tap, allows one iWatch instance to be licensed for databases on several different hosts. Overhead is effectively zero.
Network-based deployment (dedicated capture appliance) A dedicated capture appliance can deliver lossless capture even at extreme capture rates (>10,000 SQL transactions per second). Zero overhead, and may be pre-configured prior to installation for ease of deployment.