iWatch Features

Key iWatch Features

iWatch captures a complete performance record, in real time, of every SQL statement -- all without the use of intrusive processes that might add unacceptable levels of overhead to your critical database servers. Histories, summaries and trend information are preserved in a self-maintaining, easily searchable database, optimized to handle large volumes of performance data. Highlights and key features are summarized in the table below. For a more detailed look, request a demo or complementary eval copy, and see first hand the difference that iWatch can make in your environment.

Feature Details Benefits
Lightweight, network capture model Minimal to Zero Overhead Won’t interfere with the performance of critical applications.
Full SQL capture Displays full text of active and completed SQL requests, with parameters. Resource-intensive SQL is readily exposed.
Continuous, Real-time operation. Not a snapshot or polling model Track entire SQL sessions & trace performance problems, bottlenecks and deadlocks
Identifying details Login; Client IP Address; Client Port Number; Database name; Instance name; Application name; Process ID (SPID or PID) Traces problems to their source; provides correlation detail for information from other classes of performance tools.
Accurate metrics End-to-end response; Server reaction time; packets in/out; network RTT; Session detail; error details & much more. Pinpoint troublespots efficiently. Helps manage Service Levels.
Detailed histories Full performance records for each query. Supports Post-event analysis.
Integral Database with Robust Filtering Self-maintaining, round-robin structure optimized for performance data. Efficient Searches; High Scalability. No need to license or administer a separate repository.
Real-time alerts & Alarms Set precise filters, escalation rules, and actions using regular expressions. Respond pro-actively.
Summaries By request/process name; by User; by Error; by Login; by Tables; with filtering and click through to Query details. Discover trends & activity patterns that affect overall performance.
Flexible Deployment Install on or off the database host; with options for additional flexibility. Tailor deployment to business and operating requirements.
Enterprise-class scalability Proven to handle transaction rates in excess of 10,000 Transactions per second. Keeps up with the busiest and most critical applications, such as trading systems or e-commerce applications.