Compressed, Central Data Repository for iWatch™ 6.x

iArchive™ is an optional utility for iWatch™ 6.x that allows organizations to maintain their iWatch™ 6.x data in compressed format on a central repository. Retention times for performance data can be significantly extended, while lowering overall storage costs.

Efficient, 20:1 Compression

iArchive™ compresses data by a ratio of 20:1 (95%), dramatically extending retention times for iWatch performance details. And because centralized storage is typically far less costly than the high-performance storage used on production class servers, implementing iArchive™ can often yield a compelling ROI based on storage savings alone.

Transparent Operation

The presence of iArchive™ is transparent to iWatch™ 6.x end users: if the data requested by the user is not found in the local iWatch™ database, iWatch™ will automatically look for it in the iArchive™. Impact on network traffic is also negligible: since iArchive™ compresses data before it is transmitted to the archive, in most cases this means a 1 to 2MB file is transmitted to the iArchive™ not more than a few times an hour.

Query Offload

iArchive allows organizations to shift the most intensive queries that might occur against iWatch™ data (for example, for post-event analysis) off of their production servers.

Audit & Compliance

iArchive™ can also provide significant benefits when iWatch™ data is used for Audit & Compliance applications. By allowing organizations the flexibility to run updated or modified audit polices against retained “raw” iWatch™ data, they may actually mitigate risks associated with errors in policy deployment.