Unix Command-Line Export

iTran is a UNIX command line utility to fetch data from the iWatch Server Database and export it in flat files in a tab separated format. ITran can be used when customers which to extract large amounts of iWatch detail for use in other applications, and can be used to export past time data as well as Real time data.

Key Features if iTran include:

  • Query iWatch Server to fetch the data for specific Application Server.
  • Query iWatch Server based on filter strings.
  • Run the itran from anywhere for any iWatch Server (Local/Remote).
  • Query iWatch Server for data, based on Min/Max Response Time, Min/Max Reaction Time, Min/Max Network Roundtrip Time (RTT).
  • Query iWatch Server to fetch the data based on Client ip, Client port.
  • Retrieve “capture.cfg” file of remote iWatch Server.

For complete details on iTran operation, contact Exact Support for the current documentation.