New In Release 6.8

Highlights of iWatch 6.8 enhancements include:

  • Support for new features, such as  Unique-SQL Summaries.
  • Improved stability & performance
  • Simplified Installation
  • Support for additional database versions, including Sybase 15 and Informix 12.1
  • Plus:
    • Enhanced filtering for Advance Searches, Alerts & Alarms, Using PERL-Compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE)
      • Build complex expressions with AND/OR, Like/Not Like, Has, Matches, etc
      • GUI interface with Syntax checker
      • Create complex filters on any combination of iWatch metrics
    • Search within search
    • New search option to include currently running queries with search results.
    • Customizable views for clustered installations.
    • Session and Domain Views with customized grouping, allowing users to "unpack" pooled sessions.

For Advanced Searches and Alerts, 6.0 Supports complex filters using PERL-Compatible Regular Expressions.