Who needs iWatch

Database Administrators & Database Engineering Groups

SQL-level performance data allows DBAs to move beyond the "black box" orientation of database internal metrics, and focus their efforts precisely in these areas that produce the largest benefit to end user experience.

The most time-consuming portion of resolving an issue -- identifying and isolating the problem -- can be substantially reduced. When issues are isolated to the server or database, DBAs can then readily quantify the impact on operations, and measure the effect of changes. Disruptive ad hoc queries can be pinpointed to their source.

DBAs especially appreciate the ability of iWatch to provide reliable proof when the real source of the issue is something other than the database. Poorly designed SQL is instantly identified, along with the complete SQL text, and the measurements of its performance. Network issues are captured, along with the network level detail that will help the appropriate team resolve the issue.

Application Development Teams

Most organizations have custom applications that have evolved over many years, and have been touched by many hands. In these cases, it can be difficult to know where to focus optimization efforts without a tool such as iWatch. With iWatch, poorly performing and/or high frequency SQLs are readily identified, so optimization efforts can be focused accordingly.

Even third party application vendors can be more effectively managed, as iWatch will expose in detail SQL operations hidden in the code.

IT Management

When problems occur in distributed environments, it can be difficult to identify where the problem is really occurring. Is the problem on my database server? Is it an issue with SQL code that may be hidden in old or third-party code? Is it the network? Is it a side effect of some other process? Is the result of something unexpected, like a change in ad hoc query activity? In many cases, the answer is not clear, and valuable time & resources are expended just finding out.

It's not unusual for app vendors to blame the hardware, database teams to blame the network or application, and application teams to blame the database, the network, or the hardware. iWatch puts a decisive end to this sort of "circular blame game" -- instantly and irrefutably pinpoints the issue.

This, in turn, enables organizations to focus scarce resources more effectively, while improving their ability to deliver necessary service levels.

Business Users

Business users who equip their database & app dev teams with iWatch can expect to see measurable improvements in service levels. Knotty and elusive problems are captured & identified, stability & performance improves, and the risk of costly outages is substantially reduced.