Exact and Remote Performance announce partnership

Exact Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of veteran-owned Remote Performance LLC to its Reseller Program

NEW YORK / 12 February 2013

Exact Solutions Inc., a leading provider of database performance monitoring and testing software, today announced that Remote Performance LLC has entered into an agreement to resell its iWatch and iReplay products.

“We are very excited to have established this relationship”, said Niraj Dube, SVP Business Development for Exact Solutions.  “Being a veteran-owned business, Remote Performance is very well suited to take our solutions to government agencies and defense contractors.  Their existing relationships in the telecommunications arena will also extend our presence in these markets.  This alliance brings our products into areas which are a great fit but were previously underserved.”

iWatch is a SQL query performance monitoring tool that helps customers to safely identify and isolate bottlenecks, improve database performance, and streamline troubleshooting – therefore avoiding costly service disruptions and improving end-user satisfaction.  iReplay is a performance and load testing tool that captures and recreates production workloads in their entirety – thereby eliminating the need to script workload simulations.  As a result of testing with iReplay, the impact of proposed database or infrastructure changes can be assessed more quickly and accurately, without exposing business operations to unnecessary risk or costly rollbacks.

“I have known Exact Solutions for several years, and am pleased to formally enter into a partnership with them”, said Wayne Letterman, CEO of Remote Performance.  “I have seen the value that iWatch and iReplay have brought to organizations, and I am looking forward to introducing these solutions to my customers.”

About Remote Performance LLC

Remote Performance LLC is a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) with offices in Central Pennsylvania and Chicago IL.  Remote Performance is a full-service technology provider focused on bringing best-in-class solutions to its clients.  Remote Performance’s customers include several telcos and internet service providers who leverage their “RP•NOC" SaaS network monitoring solution and their "SIPShout!" critical alerting software.

About Exact Solutions Inc.

Exact Solutions Inc., headquartered in New York City, is a focused specialist that develops innovative solutions for monitoring and testing critical databases.  Exact’s customers include some of the world's largest banking institutions, and other global customers in diverse sectors such as consumer products, education, transportation, retail, insurance, and interactive games.

Contact Remote Performance at (717) 791-0225 / sales@remoteperformance.com / www.remoteperformance.com

Contact Exact Solutions at (212) 707-8630 / sales@exact-solutions.com / www.exact-solutions.com