iReplay adds support for Sybase ASE 15.7

Traffic replayed includes SAP workloads and LOBs

NEW YORK / 18 October 2012

Exact Solutions today announced that iReplay, their database workload capture & replay product, now supports Sybase ASE 15.7.  iReplay helps organizations to reduce risk by predicting the impact of proposed database changes (including version upgrades and platform migrations) before these changes are deployed into the production environment.

A key highlight of Sybase ASE 15.7 is its support for SAP Business Suite.  In keeping with the "SAP release" theme for ASE 15.7, iReplay supports SAP workloads against the database.  iReplay also supports the new LOB features of ASE 15.7, including LOB Locators, In-row LOBs, and LOBs as store procedure / function parameters.

"ASE 15.7 is an exciting product and we're pleased that we can add value to this ecosystem", said Exact CTO Ruchir Garg.  "iReplay has long supported capture & replay of SAP workloads against DB2 LUW and Informix, and adding ASE 15.7 to this list will help us meet anticipated demand for testing this release as part of a migration effort."

By capturing an organization's current production workload and then reproducing it at full original scale and concurrency against ASE 15.7, iReplay provides a complete query-level comparison of the performance and behavior of source vs. target databases.  This level of testing significantly reduces the odds that something unexpected can slip through the cracks during the migration process.


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