Upcoming Events

Look for us & learn about the latest versions of iReplay and iWatch at these events in April:

2013 IIUG Informix Conference

San Diego, California

April 21st through 25th, 2013

2013 IDUG DB2 Tech Conference

Orlando, Florida

April 28th through May 3rd, 2013


Stop by & learn more about

  • How to capture & replay enterprise-scale database workloads for testing & analysis.
  • How to build an appropriate test environment for full-scale, full concurrency replay testing.
  • How to manage the differences between real-real world testing, and testing based on simulated or artificially-scripted workloads.
  • How to plan & coordinate reliable, loss-free captures of production workloads.
  • How to measure, predict and compare the effects of upgrades, migrations, and optimization efforts, and other changes affecting your database.
  • How to analyze & compare results between test scenarios.
  • How to accelerate replays for stress & load testing.
  • How to use real-time SQL performance monitoring to enhance your day-to-day trouble-shooting & performance management, and to complement your testing efforts.