Want to load test Sybase ASE 15.7?

See the performance of *your* current production workload against ASE 15.7

Load and performance testing is on everyone's checklist when conducting an upgrade/migration to Sybase ASE 15.7.  However, these tests typically use workloads generated by scripting tools and load simulators.  Despite the effort you put into scripting and SQL harvesting, these artificial workloads cannot accurately recreate the timing, complexity, and inter-dependencies of your actual production workload .... so the testing you do still leaves you wondering whether you will encounter performance or stability issues when you turn on ASE 15.7 in production and your actual enterprise workloads start hitting it.

So instead of testing with an artificial workload, why not just use your full production workload?  Sounds great, but how?  By using iReplay ....

iReplay captures your complete live production workload and replays that exact workload in a non-production environment for testing purposes.  This is not an approximation of a production workload – this is your actual production workload, recorded and recreated with all its charateristics and complexity: at full original scale, with all the queries, sessions, timing/pacing, and concurrency.

By testing with iReplay, you have an accurate assessment of the performance and behavior of your current workload in the new environment – before you have to move anything into production.  This helps you minimize the risk involved with your proposed ASE 15.7 migration.

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