iReplay™: Database Workload Capture & Replay

For IBM Informix, IBM Db2 LUW, IBM Db2 z/OS with DDF and SAP ASE

iReplay™ is a next-generation testing solution that allows you to capture & replay your full scale Production Database SQL workload, improving test accuracy by virtually eliminating the difference between simulated lab conditions and real production workloads, transparently with zero-impact to your Production Database. Unlike scripting tools or load simulators, iReplay allows you to capture a full-scale image of your production SQL workload using Network traffic capture, and then recreate that traffic with all of its native concurrency, interleaving & complexity for detailed analysis in test environments. This approach is ideal for situations where simple scripting based efforts are not sufficient, such as Database Upgrade from DB2 9.1 to 10.x, or SAP Sybase ASE 15 to 16.x, Informix 10.x to 12.1, underlying platform changes, or Testing effects of Database optimizations on a Production scale workload.

iReplay will reproduce the captured workload exactly as was observed during the original capture. There is no exception to the workloads replayed and different types of SQLs, be it Dynamic SQLs, Bulk Inserts, Scrollable Cursors, SQLs involving Binary data (BLOBs, CLOBs, etc.)  can be replayed using this tool. SSL / TLS Encrypted sessions can also be replayed if the encryption private key is available.

DB2 z/OS (mainframe) replays also supported for external workloads using the 'Distributed Data Facility (DDF)' mechanism. DB2 mainframe migrations from zOS to LUW is also supported for a variety of workloads.

All this, without imposing any load on your Production Database systems, because iReplay™ workload capture works on the basis of passive network capturing requiring no changes/connections/applications installed on your production database system. This crucial point eliminates the overhead imposed by traditional methods such as use of SQL Trace or Profilers, Oracle Real Application Testing, SAP Workload Analyzer. Unlike these tools, iReplay can capture the entire production workload over multiple days without any application running on your production database. So no additional Disk IO/CPU usage on your production host as well as the target (test) database host.


The result is a significantly streamlined & more accurate testing process. Changes to critical systems can be tested with a degree of rigor that was previously thought impossible. Replicated runs can be tailored to meet a variety of test objectives, including regression testing, functional testing, performance testing, capacity planning, and more. Coupled with precise SQL-level performance measurements, the technology also allows organizations to judge & calibrate proposed changes, without exposing their business operations to unnecessary risk -- or the potential for costly rollbacks.

As a result, the risks associated with database or infrastructure changes can be assessed more quickly & easily, and with unprecedented accuracy. The possibility that disruptive bugs or unexpected interactions might “slip through the cracks” can be virtually eliminated. Test and deployment cycles can be reduced, while confidence improves. Changes can be effectively gauged by comparing the SQL response times giving an accurate Change Feedback. Strategic re-architecture or re-platform projects can be streamlined & accelerated. Anticipated benefits of proposed changes can be measured precisely, before significant resources are committed.


iReplay Highlights
Replays production SQL traffic Recreates SQL workloads at full production scale, with all of the concurrency & complexity of the original workload. Not a simulation or a script. Can be used to replay all posible types of sqls. 
Transparent, Zero-Impact operation. Works by listening passively to network traffic; does not use SQL traces; Requires no changes/connections/applications running on your Production Database.
Flexible Replay Modes

Easy to tailor to a variety of test objectives, from functional testing, regression testing, capacity planning, performance testing and more.

Ability to replay simultaneously different database instance workloads on to a single box to test out consolidated performance.

Built-in Analytics iReplay captures a rich set of analytics including SQL-level performance measurements, summaries of sqls, database metrics, etc.
Comprehensive before/after reporting. Detail- and summary-level comparison reporting at the run level and  sql level, with robust filtering
Flexible capture deployment Run a low-impact capture process directly on the source host, or isolate the capture process on a dedicated host or capture appliance, via a network tap.
Capable of Replaying Large Enterprise Level Workloads

Ability to replay very large workloads :

Average network throughput of over 200 MBytes/sec

Average 200,000+ queries/sec. Peak of over 400,000 queries/sec

25,000 concurrent connections. 

All this, while reproducing the exact concurrency, timing and inter session dependency and with no impact to the Production Database.


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