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The best-of-breed standard for SQL query-level performance monitoring. Using a completely non-intrusive approach, iWatch creates a continuous performance record of every SQL statement -- all without affecting the performance of the underlying database or application. Available in versions for most major database platforms, iWatch can be deployed quickly and easily to monitor a single data server, or scaled to monitor hundreds of critical servers across a large enterprise.


iReplay is a next-generation load-generation and analytic facility for database QA, regression testing, performance testing and more. Designed as a true database replay, iReplay allows organizations to capture a true image of their production SQL workload, and then re-create that workload with all of its native complexity for analysis in test environments. This approach effectively eliminates the gap between production traffic and simulated test conditions, allowing organizations to predict more reliably the impact of changes to their critical information systems, while reducing the associated risk.

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