iWatch and iReplay now support IBM Informix 12.10

Exact Solutions today announced that both iWatch and iReplay now support Informix 12.10.

iWatch is a zero-impact query monitoring tool that provides real-time measurements of everySQL request. iReplay is a predictive testing solution that uses actual production workloads for performance and load testing -- it allows IT organizations to capture and replay their own production workloads.

Some of the key features of Informix 12.10 that are supported by iWatch and iReplay include:

  • Time Series data

  • Compressed BLOBs

  • Shared queries for consolidating data from multiple grid servers

"We're pleased to announce support for Informix 12.10", said Exact CTO Ruchir Garg. "We expect that many customers who are on Informix 11.50 and below will plan to skip 11.70 and instead upgrade directly to 12.10 .... and iReplay will help them ensure a predictable, risk-free migration."

To learn more about iWatch and iReplay, please visit www.exact-solutions.com

To learn more about Informix 12.10, please visit http://pic.dhe.ibm.com/infocenter/informix/v121/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.ibm.welcome.doc%2Fwelcome.htm

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