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iReplay & iWatch for Cloud Database Migration

Jumpstart your cloud database migration using iWatch and iReplay.

iReplay is a Capture Replay tool that uses actual production workloads for replaying to target test databases for performance and load testing -- it allows organizations to capture and replay their own production workloads without *any* impact to their production Db instances.

iWatch is a zero-impact query monitoring tool that provides real-time measurements of every SQL request.

iReplay/iWatch Cloud DB Migration Features include :

  • Support for complete Replay of production Workloads from your data centre to a Cloud database instance without any manual changes

  • Support for replay to Cloud based DB clusters using multiple Target IP based distribution

  • Measure the relative performance comparison of your complete workload, say 1 business day, between your production instance and the Cloud instance

  • Summary Level, Individual SQL level measurements as well as Histogram Distribution comparisons

  • Real time performance comparision using iWatch for Cloud DB

iReplay has been tested in a large Brazilian bank for migration of their Production instance from a local data centre to a Cloud DB instance. The workload included over 400 million SQLs over a 24 hours duration.

To learn more about iWatch and iReplay, please visit

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