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iWatch and iReplay now supports DB2 z/OS monitoring and replay

Exact Solutions, Inc. today announced that both iWatch and iReplay now support IBM DB2 z/OS.

iWatch is a zero-impact query monitoring tool that provides real-time measurements of every SQL request. iReplay is a predictive testing solution that uses actual production workloads for performance and load testing -- it allows organizations to capture and replay their own production workloads.

iReplay DB2 z/OS key Features include :

  • Support for complete Replay of workloads using DB2 Distributed Data Facility (DDF)

  • Support for migration from DB2 z/OS to DB2 LUW without manual changes

  • Support for replay from z/OS to z/OS replays e.g. from DB2 z/OS 10 to z/OS 11

  • Ability to capture and replay variety of traffic such as Static SQLs, XA, Large Objects

Local z/OS workloads, i.e. workloads originating locally on the mainframe itself or not using DDF mechanism are not currently supported.

iReplay has been tested in a large Government organization for migration from DB2 z/OS to DB2 LUW for DDF traffic. The workload included over 200 million SQLs over 24 hours duration and the migration was a success resulting in significant savings to the client. After running multiple replays on different hardware configurations, the client observed no appreciable advantage to running the DB on a 32 core box compared to a 24 core. This also saved significant hardware costs and licensing costs for the client, hence providing better-than-expected ROI.

To learn more about iWatch and iReplay, please visit

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